Carn Coldstore Magaziner VNA installation

Carn Coldstore Magaziner VNA installation

It was installation day recently for two special build Magaziner EK15 coldstore VNA trucks and a Cat Lift Trucks NR20N2X reach truck at Carn Coldstore's impressive new 52,000sq ft facility.

Featuring a fully enclosed, heated cabin with heated glass, the Magaziner trucks are capable of placing 1500kgs to 10.0 metres and 1150kgs to 12.4 metres. When it comes to lift capacity, Magaziner offer the highest in the industry. Additionally, DAWSON were the only supplier able to offer their truck with wire guidance that is specially designed to operate in temperatures as low as -25°C, this removes the need to install guide rails and results in a cleaner installation that requires zero maintenance.

The Cat Lift Trucks NR20N2X is a special model dedicated to lift heights above 12.0 metres, with this particular model capable of placing 1000kgs at 13.0 metres. The safety and productivity of the truck is further enhanced with features including a fork mounted camera, Active Sway Control, automatic sideshift and tilt centering and a lift height indicator and pre-selector.

This installation had to be completed inside the chill store with all pallet racking already in place which presented some unique challenges but our team did a great job and completed the job safely and on time.

DAWSON are experts in very narrow aisle warehouse installations and are exclusive Northern Irish dealers for Magaziner, the market leader in VNA turret trucks that are built to your exact specification.

Lynsey Bettes